Pre Conference Workshops

For 2018, if you register for any paid ($60 for early birds) pre-conference, you may attend a second one free!

Welcome to ICAI!

Nathalia Franco Watkins & Amanda McKenzie

This free workshop is intended for first time attendees to the conference and those new to Academic Integrity.  We'll discuss key concepts in academic integrity, including research principles, 'best practices,' and other tips and tricks.  We'll also answer questions and discuss the conference and ICAI, including who's who, what's what, and where to go.

Cost: Free

Faculty Development in Academic Integrity

David Rettinger

David Rettinger, of the University of Mary Washington, will lead a conversation about how to engage faculty, and about what.  As a faculty member himself, David has an insiders perspective on how these programs are perceived.  Please bring examples of your own programs, and a laptop so we may work together to develop something new to share with our campuses.

Cost: $60

Navigating University Governance to Implement and Create Policy Changes: Models and Approaches

James Orr

Creating institutional wide change requires buy-in from strategic campus partners and the navigation of University governance processes. This presentation will expatiate on various strategies for effectively navigating University governance to implement 21st century academic integrity practices. Different adjudication models, along with their strengths and weaknesses, will be presented as a way to aid participants in tailoring their policies to their institution and it’s culture. Strategies for embedding educational initiatives, during the creation or revision of academic integrity policies, will be discussed. Participants will leave this presentation with confidence in interacting with the Board of Trustees, the Student Government Association, Faculty Senate, academic departments and beyond to gain momentum for the creation of new academic integrity policies.

Cost: $60

The Law and Academic Integrity

Christian Moriarty

Academic integrity has many facets, not least of which the legal ramifications.  This sessions will cover the basics of the legal process in academia, the rights and responsibilities of all parties, how to appropriately provide and assure due process, liability and privacy concerns, and actionable processes and protocols to take back to your institution.

Cost: $60

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